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Our valued customers can submit a Pickup Request in one of three ways:

1. Call SER at 1-803-247-5190
2. Submit an email Pickup Request (SEE BELOW-at bottom of page).
3. Use our new Automated SER Pickup Request System. (You do need to call first and get an ID and Password before you can use this system)

To contact us or submit a email pickup request simply fill out the form below(bottom of page)
1.    Your Name or Contact Person
2.    Your Contact Email
3.    Your Contact person's phone number
4.    Business Name
5.    Mailing Address or Billing Address
6.    City and State
7.    Fill in comments or pickup information about what you would like to have picked up.
Example.(Pallet count, total weight, estimated weight or any pickup details that need to be shared.)
Pick-Up Request
Once you have completed the steps above and hit the send button this information will be sent to SER. We will then contact you and verify the information that you have submitted and schedule the pickup for a time and day that will best suit you, our customer.  If you need to reschedule, please feel free to call us. 

Removal of Equipment
Every customerís material will be kept separate to ensure that you are only billed for your material.  SER will transport all material directly to our processing facility. The material will be off-loaded, inspected, and separated so each customerís material stays together. SER will maintain certified scales and licensed Weigh-masters. The receipt for each Pick-Up Request will be entered into the SER system and will become part of the paperwork  you will receive. Each shipment will be processed separately to ensure accuracy of weights.

Upon completion of processing your material, SER will generate an invoice and Certificate of Destruction based on the weight of the shipment and information derived from the pickup request form. Once all paperwork has been completed and approved, we will send you a Certificate of Destruction, a completed pickup form, and an invoice for all the services rendered. Any special request or instructions for invoicing will need to be stated when you submit your pickup request.

If you wish to pay your Invoice via a credit card
You can use the PayPal button below

You can contact us or submit an email Pickup request via email by using the form below
OR calling us at: 803-247-5190

Your Name:

Your E-mail:

Your Phone Number:

Your Company:

Your Address: Your City / State / Zip:

Comments or Pickup information:

Special Pickup Notes or Requests:

We have been experiencing problems with this email form
SO - if you have not gotten a call from us within 3 business days, PLEASE call us

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